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GRX DRABUŽIS (HONKONGAS) CO., LTD. subordinate Shenzhen GRX DRABUŽIS (HONKONGAS) CO., LTD., Dongguan GRX DRABUŽIS (HONKONGAS) CO., LTD., Dongguan Minxiang Hardware Plastic Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development and production of copper yg zipper pullers, various zinc alloy trunks, automatic pull head. Metal zippers, plastic zippers, nylon zippers, invisible zippers and other special zippers, as well as various alloy buttons, hooks, belt buckles, shoe buckles. Handbags, luggage and clothing ingredients such as trademarks. After years of unremitting efforts and improvement, technological innovation and product quality are put in the first place. The company now has more than 80 million square meters of workshops, 800 employees, a large number of advanced management technology development personnel at home and abroad, and a management system integrating production, operation, sales and service. The application scope of our products includes clothing, luggage, Shoe factory, zipper factory.